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Using Hashid With Laravel (instead of UUID)

Hashids are string encrypting the primary key, perfect for customer-facing ids! Forget about UUIDs.

Use simple Stripe-like hashids with Laravel. The database only knows about auto-incrementing integer IDs but the application will expose random string attributes. Simple!

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Make PHP lib functions like dump() or dd() globally available

Never use var_dump() again, even when you work outside Laravel or Symfony

It happens that I work with PHP outside of Laravel or Symfony, typically when working on a lib, and I always miss the dump and dd function. Do you remember var_dump or print_r? I don't want to have to use that! I found a simple way to always preload PHP library. I shouldn't say p...

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Why I quit drinking

In 2018, I quit drinking after over a decade of alcohol. I considered it a lot for the past few years but I always thought it was impossible. I quit from April to December, 2018, and I decided to carry on for 2019. I'm going to be a dad in the next few months, so I'm drinking aga...

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Set up Caddy and PHP-fpm on Ubuntu 18.04

Handle automatic on-demand SSL certificate for as many domain as you need

Caddy is a new webserver with very interesting features, like automatic HTTPS or serving markdown files and turning them into HTML on the fly. It's written in Go, so you get a complete binary without any other system dependencies. It will replace Nginx or Apache in your stack. I...

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LaSceneParisienne: a brief history of the project

In 2006, my friend Jonathan started a MySpace profile to keep an agenda with all the interesting shows happening in our town. This started over a decade ago, which is about a century in Internet-years. At the time, Facebook didn't exist and MySpace was ruling the social media spa...

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Setting up Discourse on Laravel Forge

Setup Discourse with SSL on a server managed with Laravel Forge

My server is manager with Laravel Forge, mostly because I found that setting up new project with SSL takes a lot of time. Plus, I never know if I "did it right". Forge is great if you use PHP, typically Laravel, WordPress or Symfony, but with something else, it can be t...

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Setting up Horizon and Spark with Laravel Forge

Using Spark Kiosk to authenticate to Horizon and setting up Supervisor with Laravel Forge

I have recently started working on a new project that I expect to show in a couple of days. When I started, the technical stack was a no brainer for me: Laravel, Spark, Forge and Algolia. Unfortunately, I found that it was not clear how to combine them all. I will share with you...

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3 months with the new MacBook Pro (with TouchBar)

Few weeks ago, I started working at Algolia. When I arrived I was provided with a new MacBook Pro 15" which replaced my personal MacBook Air from 2011. After nearly 2 months using it, I want to share my opinion on it. I used to be a proper Apple fan boy but I think Apple is...

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How I got into reading

All my life I have never been interested in books. I couldn't find the motivation to sit and read something for so long. When everybody was into Harry Potter, I think I was about 13 years old, so I tried to read it. I read all the way to the page twenty-something and gave up. I c...

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2017 New year resolutions and greater goals

Last year I wrote down what my goals were for the coming year and it turns out to be a fantastic way to describe precisely what I really wanted. After reviewing my successes and failures, I think this year I'm going to do a better job of setting new year resolutions. If you want...

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New year resolutions, one year later

Last year I took some strong new year resolutions and I want to stop and think to review them. I've come a long way and changed a lot in the past year, even if all goals aren't achieved. Eat better & go to the gym: Success This one is definitely my biggest achievement this year....

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New year, new resolution

In 2015, my life has changed a lot and I got into thinking about what I want get done. I feel like days are flying and I still didn't even start some project I had in mind for years. I won't describe the projects here, I just want to write about the changes I expect in my "w...

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PhpStorm: get autocomplete for PrestaShop

A simple way to get autocomplete in PHPStrom by extending all *Core classes, outside of your project

If you use PhpStorm and PrestaShop you probably noticed that you can't get your IDE to autocomplete everything. PrestaShop is designed to be overridden, and every class from the core is suffixed with 'Core'. For example, Address class is actually declared this way: <?php clas...

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How to create (add new) a MySQL user in command line

I should definitely know this one but I keep coming back to this quick post

Question When you are setting up your MySQL you need to create new users. Using the command line you can do it easily. Answer First create your database if it's not done yet. Then create your mysql user. create database mynewdb; What you need to replace: mynewdb : the name of...

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