Jan 13, 2016

New year, new resolution

In 2015, my life has changed a lot and I got into thinking about what I want get done. I feel like days are flying and I still didn't even start some project I had in mind for years. I won't describe the projects here, I just want to write about the changes I expect in my "way of life".

I'm publishing the list, so if you get to read this and meet me in real life, you can publicly shame me if I failed. :smirk:

Eat better & go to the gym

Let's get this one out of the way. Every year, we all say that but to be fair I already started last year. I lost weight and I'm going to the gym at least once a week. I want to take it even further next year. It's quite complicated to lose weight when you drink as much beer as me.

Go back to small shows

When I was younger, in Nantes, I used to attend to a lot of shows, most of the time I didn't even know the bands. Facebook wasn't big yet so you had to go the best forum ever: NantesMonAmour.com. Basically I was going to see any kind of rock music (metal, punk, hxc and so on) but in the end I was going to see the same local bands over and over ! (but I loved it)

In Paris, I mostly go to bigger shows and now I really want to go back to smaller ones.

Rise early and sleep more

After I came back from Hong Kong, I spent 6 month working for IBM in Grenoble. Since I didn't know anyone I didn't go out much, hence spent a lot of time with my computer (#lame). I started getting up about 6:00am when I only had to leave for work at 8:30am. I was getting soooo much done by 8, it felt really good. I think now I should try again.

Also, the older I get, the less productive I am at night.

Build stuff

I have a lot of things in mind I want to build. My friends got me an ardruino stater kit last year but I never took the time to play with it. 2016, I will !

I also got a new electric screwdriver to work on home improvements. Well, this, we will see how it goes.

Write more

I enjoy the time I spend in front of my keyboard writing about whatever like I used to do before on my blog. I think it's a very good way to take the time to think.

I intend to write here (probably about PrestaShop and Symfony), I want to write on build (definitely about PrestaShop). And this year I want to get one article published on medium.com. I still have no idea what about tho.

Encrypt everything

Sometimes I connect to public wifiwithout VPN. I use dropbox for banking documents. I use Facebook messenger and Google Hangout.

You get me, I want to encrypt my files and conversations, stop using crappy software/service and secure my personal data.

That's it! I guess I'll write about what I got done (or not) by the end of this.