Oct 23, 2022

Retiring Laravel Mail View Package

Almost 2 years ago I started a small package named "Laravel Mail View". The goal was to create a collection of pages showcasing the email of your app in different context. This package is heavily inspired by Rails ActiveMailer Preview and the mail view name is an homage to the original gem.

At the time, I built it with a custom mailer because I wanted to grab the headers and all fields (from, to, cc...). A few month later, the package broke in Laravel v8.33 because Laravel changed the return types of the internals. It's only fair, it's internal code that I probably shouldn't have been using in the first place.

Commit: 36f5aac531f

I could never find time and energy to fix the package so stayed there as-is...

Recently, I came across this package xammie/mailbook and I thought it was amazing. It seems very polished and better than mine could ever be.

I'm retiring my package and actively encourage you to use Mailbook instead.

Screenshot of Mailbook views